Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RPM creation using maven pluggin

In order to create RPM in maven projects we need to add a pluggin called RPM Maven Plugin. It allows artifacts from one or more projects to be packaged in an RPM for distribution. In addition to project artifacts, the RPM can contain other resources to be installed with the artifacts and scripts to be run while the package is being installed and removed. This plugin does not support the full range of features available to RPMs.


  • Files can be collected from anywhere on the system and packaged
  • Packaged files can be assigned any ownership and permissions
  • Scripts for pre- and post-installation and pre- and post-removal are supported, as well as a verification script

Usage Scenarios

  • RPM on Demand
  • RPM as side Effect
  • RPM as secondary Artifact
In our project we have used RPM as side effect as we wanted to package the primary artifact i.e. war file in RPM.

Configuration in pom.xml

  • Following is the configuration added in POM.xml for creating RPM as side effect.

  • Following is the configuration added in POM.xml for RPM creation
<!-- The following adtifact/classifiers/classifier voodoo is required
to get the projects main artifact into the rpm (and only the main artifact,
without the test artifact. See -->
<classifier />

  • copyright : The one-line copyright information.
  • group : The package group for the package.
  • release : The release portion of the RPM file name.
  • name : The name portion of the output file name.
  • prefix : The relocation prefix for this package.
  • vendor : The vendor supplying the package.
  • summary : The one-line description of the package.
  • packager : The name of the person or group creating the package.
  • defaultFilemode : The default file mode (octal string) to assign to files when installed.
  • defaultDirmode : The default directory mode (octal string) to assign to directories when installed.

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