Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monitoring and Managing Amazon RDS Databases using MySQL Workbench

In order to connect to Amazon RDS instance to fire some queries the procedure we followed were
  • Connect to EC2 instance via SSH
  • Connect to RDS from there.
We can fire queries from the SQL prompt but the issue with it is that the view gets distorted when the data on one column is very large. Also there is no support for exporting that result.

On my local I was using MySQL workbench which had solution to above problem so I thought of using that tool to connect to RDS.

On doing some research on same I found the following link which was very helpful in configuring same.

However the link provided is for MySQL workbench 5.5 and I had version 6 locally. Posting the corresponding  screenshot for version 6 here.

Rest of the configurations remains same.

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